Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is Herman, my new grave digger prop. Now he just needs stuffing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Head Popper

This is the head popper that I made at Dave The Dead's make n take. It is powered by a small gear motor and 9.6v wall wart.


Gretta was a bitter, angry woman, mean to everyone she knew, and people she did not. When she finnaly died, she decided death could not keep her down, and busted from her coffin. To return from the dead, and terrorize!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here's a few pictures of my new copsified zombie ground breakers. They are made with mache clay and snot rag mache. Snot rag is basically tissues folded into a "sandwich" with white glue in the middle.


This is my anamatronic stirring witch. I made her stir by using an old turn table.


Last winter I worked on allot of other standing figures. I got allot of masks last year for a good price. These will probably be the last with mask. Now I create my own, but I do really like well made mask, so you never know. But I will be getting those guys out soon to make some tweaks, and get them ready to go.

Man eating venus fly trap

I don't really know what inspired me to make this, but I thought that it would really complement the flowers. Sort of a haunted garden.

Haunted Flowers

These are the haunted flowers. I wanted them to be very expressive, and each one to look different. I wanted them to stand out, but did not want really bright colors, so I dulled the color down allot.


I found this cheesecloth type material laying around, and I thought it would be cool for skeletons, so I made these two paper mache skeleton ground breakers.


This guy is not quite finished. I need to add hands, and I want to really stuff him up, he has to be big. I am going to have him eating a severed body part, preferably a leg. He's a hungry guy.


This is a baby doll that I painted over. I also painted the hair. I will eventually add a dress, thinking about maybe monster mud.

Stolloween style skull

I used the Stolloween Demon Reaper Skull method in creating this. You basically start with a balloon, and then add custom stencils over that. The entire thing is then covered in mache clay. I am currently working on another one, and will have two of them at my entrance way.

Little tree man

I was inspired to create a small tree by the ones Krough created on Grimvisions. His body is chicken wire, covered in paper mache, and then covered in mach clay. I made his head by paper mache over a skull, duplicating it. The tree branches are also chicken wire underneath. I then added leaves.

2007 Night time

And here are some night shots.

2007 daytime

Here are some pictures of last years yard in the day light.