Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maligus the Puppet Master Halloween 2008

Maligus is a cold-hearted man. He got tired of selling puppets at his puppet shop, and decided he needed to do something new. After experimenting, he found a way to steal souls. He decided that he would try this out on the next person who came in, and to say the least, it worked. But not only did he steal the soul of the customer, they were also turned into a puppet. He really enjoyed this, and decided to make any army of mindless puppets. Abakada, his monkey, was given orders by him to make music on the streets with his grinder, attracting people over to give Maligus money, and the he would turn them into puppets. Abakada slowely grinds his grinder on the cold streets, as Maligus's army expands........

"Maligus's army expands........"

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